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Walking Papers Part One

The celebrities face two tasks, the first is  creating a limited edition My New York celebrity guidebook


The Apprentice Episode: "Walking Papers, Parts 1 and 2"
Season 12, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The celebrity teams delve into two tasks. In the first, they must design and sell a New York City guidebook, with Regis Philbin on hand to appraise the books. . Original Air Date: Apr 1, 2012
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Clay's TCA Live Tweets

•Here we go folks! Tonight's #classyclaymoment is a verbal one again! I drop the F-bomb on national TV for the 1st time! More than once! :-/

•I can't help but think that some of those tears are fake as hell!! But not @Dayanamendoza s

•Yay @includingkids !!! Text CLAY to 50555 right now to donate another $10

•$17,500! @DebbieGibson is rocking it out with the fundraising!

•Doesn't @AubreyODay play to support a anti-bullying charity? Why does she say meaner things about people than anyone else?

•The view from the roof of @realDonaldTrump s apartment is RIDICULOUS! I wanna live on his roof!

•For the record @ArsenioOFFICIAL is about 4 inches shorter than me and he kicked my ass in that fight. He is strong as hell!!

•This is why you NEED a new talk show @ArsenioOFFICIAL . America wants you back!

•Blue Man Group = INCREDIBLY talented and creative.. but also the BANE of my existence the week!

•I don't always get along w/ @Dayanamendoza .. but watching her on the show.. she gets cuter and sweeter every week!

•Once again... the only person working the cash register! Mercy #celebapprentice See the disaster coming after the break!?

•Such a mob scene! TV can't possibly show all of the chaos that happened there the day. And I'll say exactly how I feel to Penn's face ;-)

•The book made by @Teresa_Giudice s team was actually MUCH better than ours. That was well deserved!

•Don't miss it! I'm pretty sure @realDonaldTrump just said I was right!! #HOLLA

•Ok folks! that's enough. Leave @AubreyODay She is really nasty on the show. But, she's sweet in real life. Everyone's strategy is different

•Thanks a lot! RT “@EricTrump: Support Clay... "@clayaiken: Yay @includingkids !!! Text CLAY to 50555 right now to donate another $10””

•At least half RT “@It_sLinny: @clayaiken HOW MUCH money was lost in that balloon disaster??”

•Seems like a LOT of talking straight to someone's face is happening right now! #ironic
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Week 7 & 8
Posted By Clay Aiken
April 1, 2012 11:00 PM
Hey all...

So, for starters, we're gonna call this week's episode week 7 and 8. I know that it's only week 7, but to help me keep track of where we are with the tasks, I'm gonna call it 7 and 8. Keep up!! ;-)

This episode started off wonderfully for me. As a result of winning as project manager during last week's task, I was able to present a lot of money to my charity, National Inclusion Project. We traveled to a camp in upstate New York and got a chance to play some parachute games with some kids, and it was a nice respite from the craziness of Manhattan for a bit. PLEASE take a look at and find out more about how the organization is able to make sure kids with disabilities don't get left out!

Our first task this episode is a fundraiser. We were told we would be designing and publishing "celebrity" guidebooks of New York City. The team that raises the most money selling would win. There would also be a surprise cash bonus for the team that created the best guidebook.

The women, under the direction of Teresa, dive right in to creating an elaborate design showcasing the different hot spots that each of them enjoyed in the city. They spent a LOT of time running around the city trying to take pictures of as many places as possible. That ate away at their schedule and caused them to get behind in the making of their book. Of course, this created a lot of tension as Lisa felt the pinch and felt she was left with the responsibility of putting the guidebook together on her own. And Teresa felt pressured by Debbie in general.

There are a lot of unseen deadlines that are required of us during each task. Concepts must be approved hours before things are due to the printer. These hidden deadlines can really add to the stress and make things combustible. It's TV right!? ;-) To prevent this, over on the Dee Snider-led Team Unanimous, the concept is to stay in the same location and go up as high as possible to simply take broad shots of general neighborhoods in Manhattan. It certainly made things far less stressful since we went to the roof of Trump Tower and never left the building (therefore being done with out photography in a matter of 30 minutes) but the pictures showed practically nothing! We each wrote blurbs to go with a neighborhood that we were paired with and most of them reflected connections we had to those neighborhoods and sounded personal.

But the bulk of the task was about fundraising... Team Forte spent less time making phone calls to call big donors than did Unanimous, but both teams pulled in some pretty big checks. Penn called Blue Man Group, a performance troupe he had been instrumental in helping get off the ground. They offered to bring $8000 in cash to Team Unanimous' cause. But as Penn explained, BMG does not handle money. As performers, their characters do not exist in a world that has money, and so they would need to deliver the money in a different way. As I recall, Penn had told us that they were going to bring the money in a blue balloon and put it on the ground and pop it. We would have to reach down and pick it up.

I remember thinking it was sorta silly and why couldn't they just come in their street clothes and make a donation like a normal person? I mean... Vince McMahon has made donations to Apprentice. You didn't see him setting up a wrestling ring and having someone pile drive a suitcase of money. But, whatever! It wasn't my task. It was Dee's, and Dee loved everything Penn came up with! The chaos that ensued as a result of them BLOWING THE BALLOONS UP in MID-AIR and BLOWING $8000 in TEN DOLLAR BILLS all around the streets of NY could not possibly be portrayed in a TV show. It was PANDEMONIUM. And it pissed me off. In the end, we collected a little over $4000 of that $8000. (That number is verified, Dee.) And I felt it was inexcusable that anyone would think that while raising money for charity it is okay to let money fly all over the street. (Even as I write this, I am getting mad again.)

I expressed my displeasure in the Boardroom and felt vindicated a little bit when Mr. Trump agreed that it wasn't the greatest idea in the world. In fact, in the end, when the men's team won out over the women by only $14, it became even more obvious that losing money because of something so foolish could have been the death of us! And, if I'm being honest, there was a part of me that wished I had not fought that homeless man for those two 10-dollar bills. Had we lost, Penn's antics might have been exposed more.

But for Teresa, it seems that the reason for firing this week was based not on fundraising ability, but instead on whom she didn't care for. Instead of bringing back the team member who raised the least amount of money, Teresa brought back Dayana and Debbie. Mr. Trump even commented on Teresa's decision not to bring Aubrey back and seemingly regretted that he had to fire Debbie Gibson. Debbie had NOT raised the least amount of money on her team, but she had raised the least amount amongst the three ladies in the Boardroom.