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Author Topic: Claymaniacs Staff & Responsibilities  (Read 7028 times)


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Claymaniacs Staff & Responsibilities
« on: March 20, 2010, 06:34:20 PM » Staff:

Michael ( - Webmaster, Site Owner
Pamela ( - Asst Webmaster, Forum Admin
Moonshot ( - Global Moderator
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Re: Claymaniacs Staff & Responsibilities
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2010, 08:56:32 PM »
Moderator Duties and Responsibilities is a moderated forum.

This forum is staffed by long term members who work on a volunteer basis.  Many hours of their personal time are spent monitoring the forum to ensure it remains a user-friendly and welcoming place for fans and a viable source of information in support of Clay Aiken.
This is a public forum, therefore we have guidelines in place to maintain the viability of the board.

Forum moderators are charged with the responsibility of enforcing those guidelines, first and foremost.  The rules can be found elsewhere in this forum. They are also responsible for performing the following duties:

    * Ensure non linear threads stay on topic
    * Move, lock, delete or sticky discussion threads
    * Edit and/or delete any post for inappropriate content
    * Assist in making changes to a member’s profile (by request)
    * Answer member’s questions and assist with technical problems on the site

Forum moderators will always endeavor to treat members in a respectful manner.  However, restrictive measures will be implemented when rules are not respected.

Post Editing Guidelines

Our preferred method in dealing with inappropriate content is to request the posting member edit their own post.  The moderator will send you a PM explaining why your post must be edited.  This is not how most forums normally handle issues, but we feel it's more respectful of our members.

However, any moderator has the right to edit, delete, move, or otherwise modify your post without notice if it contains comments which are flaming, bashing, baiting, or include personal attacks.  Posts containing pornography or solicitations will be edited and/or deleted immediately upon notice, as well as any post containing information considered by the staff to be private or personal to Clay Aiken.  If you have any question as to content being appropriate, PM a moderator before posting it.

Administrators have the additional responsibilities of researching and approving or denying new members, banning or suspending members for rule violations, modifying the board layout, posting featured articles on the home page, and other duties as necessary.

Admins and moderators have the right and the responsibility to use their own discretion and good judgment when making editing decisions.

Administrative decisions are not up for public discussion.

We prefer and encourage our members to provide relevant content, including in our daily news thread, Aiken News Network, thus freeing up the moderators to moderate.

The staff at Claymaniacs is dedicated to ensuring our community remains viable, active and fun, in an environment where fans can be comfortable and without fear of being personally attacked or publicly insulted.

Please contact a staff member if you have any problems or questions.  Thanks for your cooperation.
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