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Author Topic: 8/19/04 California Girl: Geographically, Clay Hates Me!  (Read 6380 times)


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8/19/04 California Girl: Geographically, Clay Hates Me!
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:33:32 PM »
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California Girl: Geographically, Clay Hates Me!
« on: August 19, 2004, 07:23:48 PM »   

Geographically, Clay Hates Me!

By The California Girl

I was devastated to learn that I have been shunned by Clay Aiken!

He said it, right out there for me to read it, so there’s absolutely no doubt that I am the very lowest on Clay Aiken’s totem pole, a bug beneath his shoe, a burr under his foot, a wart at the tip of his nose...

I find myself walking around with slumped shoulders, dragging my feet along the ground, unable to raise my eyes and look at anyone, for fear they will guess the truth about me.

Dare I reveal it? I cannot bear the cold, accusing, sneering expressions of disdain that I will receive from Clay when he learns…oh, dear God, may I say it? I - WAS - BORN - IN - BROOKLYN!

Now, if I remember correctly, Clay stated in an interview, and I quote, “I have to say I am biased, obviously, since I am from the South...I think it has a lot to do with personality... I’ve learned that people in L.A. and people in New York and people in other parts of the country are not usually as open with their personalities with people they don’t know.”

There it is, for everyone to see. As I read his words, my soul shrivels and my heart stops beating, for I have not, as yet, revealed the full, awful, mind-blowing truth about myself. How can I admit what is repellent to him, and run the risk of losing his respect forever? Am I to be cast out forever from his magical circle of light to live in the utter desolation and grayness of a non-Clay world? But truth is love, right? So I have no choice but to reveal all...I now live in California!

Oh, that I could sever the tongue that admits to such degradation!

Brooklyn and California. I might as well say Soddham and Ghomorrah. (Perhaps we big city girls can’t spell either.)

Clay is lost to me, and I to him. Geographically, we have been torn apart never to stroll that territorial heaven made only for those who have experienced the scent of honeysuckle, seen the exquisite magnolia’s, and eaten the gourmet delights of barbecue. At eight years old I was playing Kick the Can with a bunch of boys in the concrete streets of Brooklyn, with my dress tucked into my panties, and the only vegetation that I ever saw were a few weeds, and I think there was a tree.

Now here I am in California, the land of perpetual sunshine, and decadent life styles, where they make movies, and put out red carpets, and lots of Hype, and everybody knows the lure of the buck but not the value of a life...just like in New York.

Clay! Have I lost you forever?

But just like you want to stay true to who you are, we big city people are not only what you see and hear. You need to look beyond the rudeness, the smart retorts, the insults, the cynical outlook, and the attitude...that New York/California attitude that say’s, “Outta my way cause I’m coming through!” You need to see us underneath, inside...forget the facade, the heavy make-up, the short skirts, the plunging necklines, the loud-mouthed demands and realize one thing...when your out there, in front of us, on that stage with your head back, and your eyes closed, you transform us. We become sweet, adoring, breast-heaving little Raleigh girls, who want to share a Krispy Kreme with you, and walk with you along a tree-lined street, and reveal to you that underneath all this brashness, this city-girl is really the Southern belle you so admire.

So you see, Clay, we New York/California girls, the pushy, aggressive, loud-mouthed ones you distrust so, are really the ones that need you the most, to learn from you, humility, good-manners, all about the best barbecue, and to speak in soft, lady-like tones. We ask only that you teach us. We will listen and learn and be all that you want us to be, just don’t desert us, and don’t refuse to book your concerts in our towns. Sing for us, teach us (by example) and perhaps you will have accomplished some kind of miracle in transforming us to be all that we should be as loving, courteous, and devoted fans of Clay Aiken.

I think you learned the depth of our fierce loyalty to you at the last Jimmy Kimmel show. And when you think about it, what are L.A. people really all about? We are actually a composite of everyone across the country, comprising all the qualities of all the regions throughout the country, whether it be north, south, east, or west, and we all have one common bond...we need to see and hear Clay Aiken, LIVE AND IN PERSON.

You are our Pied Piper, our Teacher, and our Guru. Don’t let regional differences keep us apart. Accept us and be not afraid. We have taken an oath not to push, grab, fondle, scream or stress you in any way. Let us prove to you that we are changed, by your music, by your deeds and by your southern charm.

Any email for The California Girl may be sent through me at   :

Copyright 2004 The California Girl. Printed with the permission of the writer.
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