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Author Topic: How to Add a Link to a Post  (Read 9040 times)


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How to Add a Link to a Post
« on: March 21, 2010, 09:28:22 PM »
Posting a Regular Link

1)  If you've found a link on another board or webpage that you'd like to share, click on the link.

2)  Once the webpage has opened up on the right page, look up at the top of your browser window.  You will see an address bar at the top which has a link in it.  This is the URL (or link) for that page.

3)  Highlight the complete link then right click and click on 'copy'

4)  Go to your message box and once you are ready for the link, right click and click on 'paste'.  The link will pop into your post.  Make sure you put a space before and after your link so that it will work correctly.

5)  Once you click on 'post' at the bottom, the link will automatically turn into a clickable link.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to pm an admin or moderator.


Posting a "Fancy" Link


Have you seen someone post a 'fancy link' or a link that is turned into a word like above that you click on to open a new webpage and wonder how they do that?  Well, here's some instructions for you.

1)  Once you have copied the link you would like to share (as detailed in the post above), go to your new messagebox.

2)  Type [url =  (no spaces)

3)  Don't put a space but rightclick and click on 'paste'

4)  Your URL/link will pop in after the =

5)  next type ] after the link

6)  now type in the word you want to use for people to click on

7)  next type [/url] and you are done!

Example of what it will look like in your text box (hit "select"):

Code: [Select]
and in your completed post:

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