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Author Topic: Selling Copyrighted Material  (Read 5842 times)


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Selling Copyrighted Material
« on: April 02, 2010, 01:22:55 PM »
Claymaniacs' policy on the subject of selling homemade DVDs and CDs on this forum:

The generosity of Clay's Internet fans is a wondrous thing, and, one of the things that differentiates this fandom from others and makes it extra special. People who are fortunate enough to attend Clay's performances, whether in concert, on TV, at private events or benefits, etc are nearly always willing to share any media they obtain with the entire ClayNation. We thank them totally and sincerely for their kindness. Downloading this (free) media is good.

Selling downloaded media on a homemade DVD or CD is not good. In fact, it's ILLEGAL and that is the number one reason I don't want these items advertised here.

Read this carefully: We do not judge or condemn anyone who chooses to purchase these items, due to the fact that they are not available from any other source (Clay's management team, record company, fan club, etc.) However, the fact remains that it is ILLEGAL to sell them.

The second reason we don't want that information posted here is that it's not ethical for people to use Clay's work for their personal gain. It's not fair to Clay, and we know for a fact that neither he nor his family approve of it. The fact that he has trademarked his own name and certain other terms also says to me that he is most likely preparing himself to make legal challenges to people who are selling copyrighted material of his performances for profit.

Thanks for your understanding, your generosity and your cooperation.
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