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Author Topic: Editing Your Profile  (Read 6049 times)


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Editing Your Profile
« on: April 02, 2010, 01:19:36 PM »
Click the PROFILE tab above the forum to manage your own account here at Claymaniacs.   

Click on SUMMARY to see your post count, your ranking, the date you registered and the last time you were on the site.  Also, your contact info shows on the SUMMARY page -- ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YIM.  From the SUMMARY page, you can also access all your own posts and your general statistics.

Click on ACCOUNT RELATED SETTINGS to change your password, hide or reveal your online status or hide or reveal your  email address.

Click on FORUM PROFILE INFORMATION to add or change your avatar, your location (shows below your avatar), your birthday, gender, contact info, website and signature. (Please see avatar and signature thread for those guidelines.)

Click on LOOK AND LAYOUT PREFERENCES to customize your time format and time zone offset.  You can also customize the look of the forum and the format of the calendar here.  This is where you can choose to do such things as hide other users' avatars and/or signatures.  You can change the format to show the most current postings and/or personal messages at the top of the thread instead of the bottom. This forum also has a "warning" feature if a new reply is made while you are posting. Recommended setting is OFF for that feature, as it can be annoying!

Click on NOTIFICATIONS AND EMAIL to be notified of replies to posts, newly posted topics, and forum announcements. You can change those settings here, or oversee the topics and boards you are currently receiving notifications for.

Click on PERSONAL MESSAGE OPTIONS to ignore personal messages from any member.  (If you have a reason for choosing this option, you may want to notify a moderator if action needs to be taken.)  This is also where you can choose a default to save a copy of each personal message in your PM outbox.  You can choose to receive a popup message when you receive a new personal message, or be notified by email.
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